Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pennsylvania and the Great House Hunt of 2007

Ah, the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Seth and I had a very refreshing time there with Amanda and Perry. We went up on Monday afternoon and stayed through Wednesday morning. This picture was taken last year, but I forgot to take pictures this time, so it'll have to do. This is the Barbee's back yard. Jealous yet, anyone? This is a land of many farms and farmers. The local farmer calls A. and P. when he's going to be spreading manure so they can shut their windows. =) I saw a young Menonite mother tilling her garden with a baby in a carrier on her back while I was driving there. You turn off on Lower Snake Springs Rd. from 30, and you're on 8 miles of winding country road before you get to their house. You won't pass many cars on the way. It's absolutely beautiful, and I have fond memories of the area because we used to take that drive so often to visit Dan and Kelli and the girls at WSS. Amanda's middle name is "hospitality." Whatever we needed, she was on it. Someone else cooked dinner, and I got to watch. I got to use a washer and dryer that were in the house. I had a babysitter while I took a leisurely shower. Amanda found my sizes for me when we went outlet shopping; she's a great personal shopper, BTW. Paradise... We're going to miss being able to take a restorative country retreat to their house when we move.

And speaking of moving...we got back and BAM!, the House Hunt was on. I walked in the door and listened to my answering machine, and I got a message about an incredible lead for housing. If this option works out, we would be living in a larger, nicer house than anything Ellen has ever prayed for before. I won't say much more, but hearing about this option was enough to get my head spinning, and it's still spinning. This matter needs to be bathed in much prayer. We're going down to Raleigh this weekend to look for a rental house. We'll be seeing that house and several others, hopefully. Please pray for us. It's been stressful trying to get everything set up to see houses. It seems that we have to set up something individually with each of the rental agencies whose houses we want to see. One of the agencies doesn't show on weekends. Realtors don't want to help because they get so little in comission if you rent a house they show you. And on top of that, we have a very specific price range, and there aren't a lot of homes in good areas in that range. We want to be good stewards of the money God has given us, so we don't want to go over budget on this. Top that off with not having a clue where we're going, and that we'll have to find our way from house to house in a town that we don't know, and you've got a girl who's worried about marital strife over getting lost. =) We know that God has His perfect place for us to live in Raleigh. Now we just have to let Him lead us right to it. Please pray that the journey will be easy.

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Kelli B. said...

House Hunting...I am pretty sure it isn't the sport that deer hunting is thought to be. But you will still have the thrill of the chase! We will be praying for you and that Seth will be a good helper,too. We can't wait to hear how it goes. Glad to hear you had a relaxing visit...Aren't those so nice!?