Saturday, June 30, 2007


We're still in NC, and I'm posting from Wendy's computer. I think we've found the perfect thing, after an exhausting day! Ironically, it's the one house I was thinking of skipping over if we ran out of time. The ad and the pictures didn't do it justice. It's not large, and it was the cheapest house we saw. But it's 15 minutes from David's work, and here's the huge bonus, it has a beautiful, huge, screened in porch! I love it! I adore screened in porches! Also it has a very nice back yard and deck, and another big bonus, a WOOD BURNING fireplace. Also, there are two outbuildings for some of our storage stuff and a child's play gym in the large back yard. It's very homey. Wendy and Jon went around with us, and they were SOOO much help. They thought of things that we couldn't have because we haven't experienced home ownership yet. We all agreed this was the place for us! I'm soo excited! I'm already mentally decorating in my head. I'll post pictures when we get back; I took the little digital camera with us. The Lord is sooo good to us!


Kelli B. said...

That is sooo great!! I have been thinking and praying for you all weekend!!!! YEAH!! Maybe you can settle into this one for a while?

Sarah Shingler said...

That is great!!! I know that must be a load off of your minds!!