Thursday, March 13, 2008

I did it...

I installed my Photoshop program today. I can still feel the tenseness in my jaws from clenching my teeth together while praying that nothing would screw up. =)

My brother called on his way home from school today, and he encouraged me that Photoshop isn't that hard if you just want to edit photos in it, not create some sort of magazine front page spread. Vance has always been great at giving me that extra bit of encouragement I need. I LOVE my brother. He was born to pat people on the back.

So it's uploaded, and I even skimmed the books I got from the library. I was extremely relieved to find that there's a way to upload your images to Shutterfly for printing. I was going to tear my hair out if it looked like I'd have to buy a $500 printer to get some of my goodies on paper. I thought it was odd that I'd have to dig for that information, but I did find it at last.

I haven't done any playing with images yet, but I've taken the first step. I should get there soon. Maybe after this weekend. David is going up to VA to help his parents unpack, and I'm heading to Mom and Dad's for a little r&r. It didn't seem to us that introducing the baby and his schedule into Bill and Diana's chaos would be best for everyone involved, but I sure will miss my honey.

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The Mom said...

oooh I hate new technology too.

I've been using Picture It for the last 8 yrs, and now, since I am moving to a new laptop with Vista (oh no, how will I cope with a new operating system?), I've ordered photoshop to go with it.

I've with you on the "I like what I have, why do I have to change it" idea.

Tho, over the years, I realise that I spend the first few weeks scared of the new technology; and when I finally get used to it, I love it to pieces, and never want to trade it in for a newer model.

Sadly, PCs and Laptops change all the time; so I've had to get used to changing.

But I still resist at the beginning.

Hope you get to grips with it; and that the teething is easing up a bit.

From England