Monday, March 24, 2008

The weekend of Amy's...

Ok, I'm still in my bathrobe, and I've got to get a shower, but I thought I'd give a weekend recap first...

It was the weekend of Amy's! My new Amy, her husband, Drew, and their 2 1/2 year old, Bethany, came over for Easter dinner. They are from Kansas, and they couldn't make it home for Easter this year. Sniff. And since cousin Keith and his fam cancelled on us after I'd gone grocery shopping, we had the makin's of a fine dinner for some lucky person or two. I had my breadmaker going before we left for church, and it doesn't get much easier than cold ham, mashed potatos, and green bean casserole. This was not a work intensive dinner 'cause the main dish was so easy, though I do think its a tad bit weird that everyone eats ham on the holiday when a Jewish rabbi rose from the dead. Just sayin'. Anybody else thought that before?

So, anyway, Amy and Drew got here, and we all had to take pictures 'cause we were dressed up for Easter. So we did that. Mine came out awful. David's came out great. Of course. Even though I dressed up! I was smiling too big like a goon, and I need a haircut. Bad. Ok, y'all know I never dress up. I would be sooo happy to wear jeans to church every Sunday for the rest of my life. But this Easter, David wore a suit, Seth had on saddle shoes, khakis, and a cute blue and white sweater, and I wore, gasp, a dress, panty hose, heels, and a matching necklace and bracelet. I know, Mom, don't have a heart attack. Man, it takes a lot of extra work to get that dressed up for church. I don't know how those '50s housewives did it every day.

So... we had a nice dinner, and Bethany hunted eggs. We took more pictures. We had dessert. After we were close to diabetic coma from the mandarin orange/Cool Whip "salad" and the Snickers pie, my new Amy and her family staggered out to the car to go home and sleep it off. Before they left, Bethany nearly had a meltdown because she wanted to "take the baby home" with her. Of course, we ran for the suitcase we keep packed for him... just in case. But her parents weren't so keen on the idea. Foiled again.

We got ourselves a nice afternoon nap, and then it was time for my old Amy to show up on her way to visit her mom. She brought teensy weensy 2-month-old Lydia with her! Oh, my goodness, how I miss me some new baby smell and some baby cuddles! Seth looked like a monster compared to her. And he was acting like one since his naps were off, and we'd had so much excitement. Bedtime was a relief for all. I was able to check my email with a baby in the crook of my arm instead of bashing the keyboard. When you put her on a bed, she stays there. Have I mentioned lately that Seth has started doing the high pitched scream thing when he's happy now? Yeah. I found myself saying over and over again, "I can't do this anymore with Seth." I sounded like a broken record, even to myself. Amy was positively glowing with new motherhood. She was sooo cute with her darling little girl. I enjoyed watching them.

Too bad you can't have your first baby over and over again. Just press rewind when you get tired of temper tantrums and go back to cooing and cuddles. If you want that new baby experience again, you have to have it at the same time that you're also being distracted by the toddler experience. I'm sad that other children we have won't get the same undivided attention that Seth did.

But Amy spent the night and just left with Lydia. She was so sweet to let me be a baby hog. I got my fix for a bit. Have a great time at your mama's! And now its on to start the week!

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