Friday, June 17, 2011

mama musings…


(taken looking down in an airport at about 27 weeks, back when my thighs hadn’t yet outgrown those shorts I’m wearing =)

- Vacation starts on Sunday. We’re going to be staying at a lovely beach house right on the water for a week. My parents will be at their place 15 minutes down the road. We’re expecting lots of excitement and fun, but not expecting tons of relaxation…. =)

- …And this would be because David is driving to FL to pick up our 5-year-old nephew and 3-year-old niece. He’s driving down on Saturday, spending the night, and then driving them back up to the beach on Sunday. We’re talking many, many hours in the car. David is an excellent, wonderful, enthusiastic, helpful man. He begged to be able to do this because he is so incredibly nice. But he’s going to be whupped before this vacation even starts, y’all, so please pray for him on Saturday and Sunday.

- My brother has had some sort of chronic fatigue syndrome for months now, and that means their family can’t come on vacation with us like originally planned for various reasons. BUT… we can take 2 of their 3 kids off their hands for a week to give them a break, so we are. And our boys are super excited about the time with their cousins, so win win!

- I think I’m going to buy some t-shirts for me and David that say, “Are you quiverful? We are!” Yep, that’ll keep the comments down when we go out with 2 grandparents and 4 children ages 5, 4, 3, 2, and one in utero. Heh heh. Ok, I won’t really, but I’m going to be very amused at the horrified looks I’m sure we’ll be getting. =) 

- At this point in the pregnancy, I have no will power. Zero. I have eaten a lot of chocolate in the last few days. I need to stare at my cellulite more and get some will power from the view. If junk food is in the house, I’ll eat it. I need a good little angel to go grocery shopping on my shoulder at the beach so I leave that bag of white cheddar cheese puffs at the store. Remember, Ellen… you put it on now, you gotta get it off in a year. Remember… you don’t enjoy sweating. =)


Terri said...
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Terri said...

I still can't believe y'all are doing this. You are saints, and I hope you will still speak with us after all this. Yuo are also crazy ,and we love you for that.

As for not having will power, at least you don't have that huge of an appetite. Your lack of will power probably results in as many calories as my self-control :)