Thursday, June 09, 2011

about my brother…


I haven’t written about this on my blog because I just haven’t known what to say. But I know that some of you might have some advice or be willing to pray, so I’m going to put it out there.

My baby brother is pretty sick. He’s been sick for months now, and we’re all worried about him. He is exhuasted, nauseous, headachy, has body aches, and has had to miss work because of it. This thing just came out of the blue, and it’s very tough to see a young, hard working, healthy, and energetic person suddenly get hit by a disease with no real diagnosis and no standard cure.

You can find out more at my sister-in-law’s blog here.

Please pray for Vance, Terri, Isaac, Claire, and baby Eve. We love you, and we wish we were closer to give you more hugs and more help.

And I know I spend some time in bed at night, every night, praying for healing…

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