Sunday, June 12, 2011

baby shower for “trey”

DSC_0274-1 My MOPs small group gave me the sweetest baby shower for “Trey.” Everyone brought food, and we stuffed ourselves on 7 layer bean dip (a request from me =), baked brie with red pepper jelly, homemade pound cake, tres leche cake, fruit, punch, and other goodies I’m sure I’m not remembering.

I’ve been to a lot of baby showers, but this one definitely had the coolest game I’ve seen yet. We all sat down at the table and were instructed to make a baby. Our hostess had cut out lots of eyes, hair, noses, mouths, accessories, and a bunch of random names. We sat around and talked and made these crazy looking little guys. I got to vote for the winner. His name was Ralphie Beaufort, and he had some great nerd rocker glasses and a lovely smile. Here I am as Octomom. =)

DSC_0266-1 Crafting babies and chewing the fat. I named mine Maximus Zeus. I think my little guy already has a power trip complex as much as he enjoys keeping me up at night with his antics, so it seemed to fit. =) Hah, hah.


A big part of my MOPs group. We’ve laughed and cried and playdated together and been there for each other this year. They surrounded me and prayed for me, and Sarah B. even gave a little devotional. I’m so thankful for MOPs and the relationships it has given me over the last few years. What a wonderful group of godly women!

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