Monday, June 06, 2011

Asked and answered…

… “Yep, we’re having a third boy.”

… “Yes, actually I did want a girl this time. Thanks for reminding me.”

… “Are we going to try again? Well, the odds of having another boy after this one just went up by 10-15%, so I don’t think that’s my best bet for having a girl. Would you like to play those odds? Didn’t think so…

… “No, I’m not all that interested in having a basketball team.”

… “Actually, I wouldn’t have minded paying for a wedding.”

… “No, I have nothing against boys. I have two of them, and they’re wonderful.  Wanting to have a daughter doesn’t mean that I don’t want to raise boys.”

… “God must think I’m really special? Thanks…. I think?”

(I’ve been doing an unusual amount of answering these questions and fielding these comments during the last week, and I’m tired. Next time someone asks, I’m having a hippo. Seth and Evan would like that. =)


John/Kristen said...

Hi Ellen, I just found you via Megan H's blog...wanted you to know you aren't alone with answering the strange questions. Today (at the dr's office, no less) I got asked if I intended to have a cheerleading team. C'mon, seriously?

:), kristen

Ellen said...

Hey, Kristen,
I tried commenting on your blog, but blogger doesn't want to let me.

Sheesh! And you're only having your second of the same gender... Wonder what they'll say if you have a third girl? =)