Friday, December 26, 2008

The water well...

I just ran across this post today, and it really summarizes my feelings about the role of blogging in my own life. I thought you might be interested.

Old college friends will be descending upon us soon for an overnight of food and games. We've been feverishly cleaning all day, and I think we may have our first real fire in the fireplace tonight, despite the unseasonably warm weather. Grrr. And then the following days will be filled with: a niece's 1st birthday party, a whirlwind trip to Norfolk, and a visit from Dan, Kelli, and family... Please pray for Seth. I think he's pretty worn out with all the socializing, and I'm afraid he might be on the edge of a cold, too. Poor little guy; he has a pretty low tolerance for large group settings after awhile.

And we're still feeling the effects of his time with his big cousin, Isaac. The constant struggle to keep his toys from getting pilfered at Nana and Papa's has led to him saying these words quite a lot now that we're home: "No! No! Mine! Mine!" It's actually pretty funny. We love you, Zack. =)

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