Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Another hat tip to Holy Experience...

This is what I needed to hear this morning. And so I did. It's so easy to choose pity for ourselves, in little ways and big ways. I need to be grateful and embrace the places that God puts me, even if they don't always turn out to be the places I want to be. There is beauty to be found, and sometimes the little things are more beautiful and better treasured when the wind is whipping mercilessly through your life. I know; I've been there before.

I have our MOPs Christmas Tea today. There will be fine china and dainty goodies and a chance for everyone in my group to hear the Gospel. Pray that any hearts that need to be opened will be receptive; I don't know where everyone is with Christ. I'll post more about my little gift idea for the ladies later. I know, I know, I don't do gifts at Christmas. But this is another of those times that I found it impossible to postpone the gift giving until later. =)

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