Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I won something...

Well, the repairman came and fixed our heat just now! But before he did that, our space heaters kept us warm last night, and I was able to gleefully win a prize for my temporary pain and suffering. Yes, you heard that right!

This morning at MOPs, they were giving out door prizes. One lady got a prize for having the most people at her house for Christmas dinner this year. Another got one for having the most kids. There were a few awards given out.

And then came the final prize. Leah said, "Has anyone had a water heater go out recently?" When she said that, I was hoping against hope that nobody had, and she'd move on to another outage. And then she said it... "How about another major appliance?" My hand shot up. "My heat is still out!" I was the uncontested winner... of bath products and sympathetic looks.

And the twisted peppermint hand lotion I won smells all fresh and minty on my newly toasty hands. =)

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