Monday, December 15, 2008

Double stroller ideas?

Ok, I'm now on the quest for the perfect double stroller. Being able to even be planning for that makes me smile with happiness. I'm enjoying the challenge, but it definitely looks like its going to be a challenge.

I love my little lightweight Contours Lite stroller, and I'm going to really, really miss it. That stroller and I have gone many a mile together.

But now I would like a stroller that (brace yourselves)- weighs less than 30 pounds (as much less as possible, please!), can accomodate a toddler who is sitting down with a backrest to rest his precious back upon (absolutely no sit n' stands), will hold an infant carrier, has a large basket and cup holder for me, and manuevers with one hand with all the awesome 360 degree front wheel capability that my current stroller does. I would also like all this for less than $300. Used would be even better. Oh yeah, and it would be great if it wasn't unwieldy because its too long or wide, too.

All of you moms are laughing right now and thinking, "Why doesn't she just pray for a solid gold stroller with a diamond and ruby encrusted toddler tray to drop from the sky into her front yard? That would be easier for the angels to accommodate."

If you happen to know of a stroller like I have described for sale somewhere on planet Earth, please let me know. I'd be really interested to hear about it... =)


Powell Owens said...

I do a lot of surfing the web when trying to find ideas for gifts or baby supplies. Google is an amazing thing :-) You might want to check out this website - - for some ideas. Everything has free shipping, and they are having sales on 2008 models of all strollers. I clicked on "Double Strollers" on the left and then chose "Lightweight (Umbrella Folding)" to see some options. It automatically shows you the expensive stuff first, so you might want to change it to "Price - Ascending" instead of "Price - Descending". Some strollers have reviews so you can see what buyers thought. I've used this site before to buy stuff and had no problems at all. The prices are pretty reasonable compared to other websites selling the same stuff, and it's also good for comparison shopping between brands.

Sorry I can't give you an actual review of a double since we don't have one. I have one of those front carrier packs for Beth, which I used with Zach, so I haven't used a double stroller yet. Zach wasn't (and still isn't) into the stroller for long-term riding at all, so we're trying not to buy a double one.

Brandy said...

Ack...I just wrote part of a comment and then realized that you said no Sit N Stands. Sorry! That was what worked for me, and I've never tried another stroller except this huge monster my younger sister had by Graco that I swore I'd never own because it was so large.

FYI the Sit in Stand pretty much works with all your criteria except that there isn't a backrest for the toddler. Does your toddler still sleep in the stroller? If so, you are definitely right that it wouldn't work...

One thing I would suggest is that, whatever you end up buying, try as much as possible to check it IN PERSON in your trunk. When I had my second and bought the stroller, there was only one stroller in the entire store that actually fit in the trunk of my compact car. If you have a small trunk, this is something to remember.

Good luck on your search. I look forward to hearing what you choose!

Ellen said...

Yeah, Brandy, Seth pretty much loves to lean back and doze in the stroller. He wants to be comfortable. I can tell that backless will not cut it. Sometimes I have better luck shopping if I put him in the stroller so he can be comfy than if I put him in the cart. Seriously. =)

And Powell, I will take at look at I wish there was a way to designate that it has to take an infant carrier. That would help the search. That's where I keep running into snags.

Brandy said...

Okay...after leaving that comment I did a quick Google search. Perhaps the NEW Sit n Stand Plus? They added a rear seat that reclines and also has a 5-point harness, and it is still under 30 pounds (28 pounds). It is less than $170.

Rachel said...

Hey! I have been thinking of stollers too, but I think we do have some different thoughts on it though. I am going to go with a sit n'stand that converts to a full seat in the back if I want it to. Because Emma isn't too interested in sitting most of the time, I think you will find that Seth will soon be like this too! Maybe it's different because Emma has Collin already running around and wants to run after him. This way she can sit when she wants and I think it will be easier on me.
ANYWAY!!I have decided on the Baby Trend sit n' stand at Target, and it's only around $120. I have to get a new infant carrier too, so that'll add a little more. I think I will really enjoy this stroller.
Ok, sorry this isn't very helpful to you!! Hope you find what you're looking for!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that :). I have only two thoughts for you on this:

1) I have the best double stroller ever (for me, at least), which I like even better than my single! So it's not impossible. We can talk about mine if you want may or may not be your ideal.

2) You may not want to make a final decision until closer to Baby #2's birth...Seth's needs could change in the next 6 months. He's going to grow up so much!

It's impossible not to search around,'s pretty much your only big purchase for the second baby. Happy hunting!



Amy said...

Hey girl! I have to agree with what your other peeps are saying. This really was the only big purchase we made when we had Hayden. And Seth is going to change a lot so I would wait till Baby B. gets here before saying no way to the sit and stand stroller.

We got the Joovy Ultralight Caboose ( ) AND LOVE IT! I like it even more then my one kid stroller. It's so light, easy to push and not crazy long like most of the other double strollers.

I know Seth is a pretty laid back guy...but by the time Baby B. shows up he maybe more of a mover and shaker. The Caboose has been wonderful for Bethany because she can sit or stand in the parking lot (or anywhere else I don’t feel safe letting her walk by herself) and then jump off and walk beside me until she's tired and wants back on.

The Joovy is $$$ (still under $300) but I think it was well worth spending the extra $$$ to get the ultralight.

So there ya go--my two cents worth. ;)

Rachel said...

Yeah, I think you are going to be surprised how much Seth is going to grow up in the next year. I would doubt that too many naps in the stroller will still be happening much after 2. And he is going to want to be much more mobile soon. Anyway, it is something to think about!!!

SMS said...

You know I love my Maclaren but I think it's more than $300 and it can't fit a baby carrier .. BUT it does go very easily through doors and maneuvers very well..