Monday, December 08, 2008

Blogging question...

I'm toying with the idea of putting up a family newsletter blog this year, in lieu of a Christmas letter. I thought it might be an easier way to do the whole family newsletter thing, with pictures, and without spending a lot on stamps. I figured I could send the paper version to the older relatives, but I could save a bunch if I emailed it to everybody else. Has anybody done this? More importantly, has anybody found a way to do it as a private blog that won't show the reader their main blog address? And also, I don't want this to be hard, or require the reader to sign up for anything. Hmmmm....


Brandy said...

Beginning a couple years ago, we started doing occasional family update letters (more often than just Christmastime, actually) by converting a Word document into a .pdf file and then emailing it out. Pretty much everyone was able to view it or print it without a problem. Our extended family is so large that postage cost was becoming a burden, so this became an economical solution. I haven't figured out how to duplicate this process using a blog, even if it is private. However, if you figure it out, I would love to hear how you do it! I actually think it'd be fun to do a group blog with family to keep in better touch...

Anonymous said...

You have a 2nd blog address, right? Couldn't you just design the second one to your preference, include pics, updates, recipes, whatever, etc that you want, and then set it up so that only the email addresses of the people you want to see it will be able to see it? That way you're controlling both the content & the readership.
You can even change the blog title for the occasion and the whole page would be like a virtual Christmas card/update/website.

Just a thought!

The Mom said...

Best thing we do is to make a word doc and add pictures and email to everyone who is on email. (most people have word)

The older folks get a printed version.

It is possible to have a private blog, but a person will need to sign up/create a user account to access it.

Re Wendy's suggestion, even if you only tell your family members about a blog/address, unless you make it private so that they have to sign in, it is possible for anyone to find it. Either through specific searches or at random.

We have a family blog (private) even tho we all live under the same roof, lol, it means if one of the dc wants to tell me something in the middle of the night or when I am busy teaching reading to the 5b yr old or making supper, they can blog it and I'll catch up soon.

Just a technological advance on the old idea of leaving notes on the fridge door :-)

Why don't you normally give gifts at Christmas?
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