Friday, December 26, 2008

A family picture...

Mom was determined to obtain a family picture for her New Years card. I don't remember her sending out a card before grandchildren. Hmmm... =) It was quite a production. Getting everybody dressed, coifed, and clean at the same time... whew buddy! And then the dressing and bathing process kicked Seth over the edge, and he refused to smile for any of the photos. I think this is the best one, and David is trying to get Seth to give him a high 5.

And then, seeing as Terri and I are shutterbugs, we took more pictures. Couple pictures, single pictures, maternity pictures... we were on a roll. And here you see a happily married couple of nearly 8 years. Awww. I think we've still got it.

She had me laughing so hard that I got goofy. These are the result. Terri: "Vogue!" Ellen: "Yes, dahling!"

Me and Bitty Baby, 17 weeks. Only a couple of weeks until we find out what BB is!


Rachel said...

Those are all very good! I love a good photo shoot! You know me!! I just hope our family picture coming up comes out as well and everyone stays sane in the process. There will 5 kids to try to keep in order - AHHH!
Great pics and wow, that baby is sticking out there now! Cool, can't wait to find out what it is!!!

The Mom said...

I know too well the agonies of the "family photo". It does get easier as they get older :-)

Ruthie said...

Wow, Ellen! These pics are fabulous. And you are one gorgeous preggo!!