Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Leaving for DC...

David and I are going to D.C. tomorrow! Without Seth!!! =) Yup, it's time again for David's Former Boss' annual Christmas party, and we're going to try our hardest to make it every year. We took Seth last year, and he did fantastically well. But he's almost 2 now. He's fantasticness after 5+ hours in the car and no afternoon nap has to be called into question. I didn't have it in me to ask him to do that, so even though I'll miss him, he'll be here with Nana from Wed. through Fri.

We're staying with friends, and seeing more old friends, and taking a walk down memory lane. I was thinking right before we moved into this house about where I loved living most of all the places we've lived. Hands down, it was Arlington. Seth was born there, and we had an amazing year with David's job and all the experiences associated with that time. I loved it, and I sometimes miss that tiny apartment in the sky. I still remember the snow coming down outside our window on a Sunday morning when Seth was just a few weeks old. The world was quiet and white, and we stayed in and read with the baby in our laps, and we listened to my brother preach a sermon at his home church via the Internet. It was wonderful. Just one of those everyday moments that you treasure up in your heart for later.

We're going to eat dinner at the Old Ebbit tomorrow night. I'm guessing this may be our last big pre-second-baby trip, so we're going to just enjoy the uninterrupted time with each other. We used to have our best talks on long car trips. Before long, we'll actually have to pay attention to what we say in the car because little pitchers have big ears. =)

So say a prayer for good traffic (hah!) and good weather for us, and for a happy heart and good attitude for the pregnant grouchmonster. See you when we return!

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