Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cheaper breakfasts and lazy granola...

I'm sitting here eating my first bowl of Lazy Granola today. It's delicious! And it really was very easy.

I think that the price of breakfast cereal is kind of outrageous. We tend to buy the off brands of corn flakes and wheat chex, and its still pretty pricey. My husband is probably like many of yours, though, and he's eaten cereal for breakfast just about every day of his childhood. This means that he balks at eating something else for breakfast. =) So what's a frugal gal to do?

Well, try the recipe linked above, for one. And beg him to give a less cereal life a chance for a couple of weeks. And then make a big batch of waffles to pop in the freezer for him to toast in the mornings... Enjoy!

Update: After my big grocery shopping trip at Wallyworld today, and after using kitchen conversion charts online and a calculator, I discovered that one of our daily portions of this granola is about 7 cents more expensive than one of our daily portions of Cheerios, name brand. Sigh. If I was really serious about saving money, I'd have to buy it in bulk and find someplace to store 50 lb. of oats. As I'm not that serious about it, I will be making granola for our family for the taste and health benefits (fiber, no preseratives, etc.), but I will not be busting my hump to do it all the time to try and save a buck. The end. =)

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