Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Saturday...

A sunny Saturday in late February... It was the first nice weekend day we've had in a long time. Seth and the boys took a walk, and after they got back, Seth parked his little bottom at his plastic picnic table and said, "I want to have a picnic!" He proceeded to stay there until David made his lunch and brought it out to him. We all had some time sunning ourselves on the deck, and I was filled with gratitude.

See, I'd been out house hunting with a couple of friends of mine during the morning. They are looking for a house in our area in our price range. Their options aren't the greatest. We bought this house a year ago, and even with the market still depressed, I'm realizing exactly how much of a miracle it is. This kind of square footage and yard is very unique here for this price. If you're reading this, family who sold us this house... thank you. You might've been able to sell this house for more, but you didn't haggle, were wonderful about fixing things, and you made it possible for us to live here.

But I digress... here are some pics of the boys on a lovely day. We finally got to get out the roller coaster we bought for Seth on Craigslist for his birthday. He LOVED it. He can probably get more air if we put it out on our sloped driveway in the cul de sac. Maybe in a few days...

"Well, hello there! Anybody casting for a musical anytime soon? I suddenly have an unexplainable urge to be a part of 'The Music Man.' Hmmm....."

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