Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gettin' there...

Y'all are the greatest! The comments section can be so encouraging sometimes. Hearing your stories really helps. I had to laugh at Katie's about the telephone pole in their backyard. And it definitely made me feel less alone. And, Henrietta, I have no idea how you found me either, or why an English mother of 12 wants to read the whinings of the mother of a single toddler, but I'm glad you're here, and that you're praying for me. =)

Today the noise seems a little better than yesterday, and not because it actually objectively is. (I discovered last night that we also have a train near us, which caused a temporary relapse last night, but I am bouncing back. C'mon! You gotta be kidding me... an interstate AND a train? What gives!) And I finally got David to admit that he also wants blackout curtains over our huge, east-facing bedroom windows! =) A Walmart run today also helped quite a bit. Seth was good, and I got to see all the nice, new things that we're near now as I drove on down there.

I'm baking this as my first act of dessert creation in this house. I read the recipe off the computer screen today. =) I love my new ceramic cooktop stove. No more scrubbing spilled black nasties out of the stove wells! And I finally have as much counter space as my heart could ever desire. And I'm finally soaking our disgusting sheets that are long overdue for a washing. That ought to make bedtime a little more pleasant tonight.

I'm very glad that David and I did early voting last week. Today is gray and nasty and rainy. I hope that that keeps all the Obama voters away from the polls. I reluctantly scratched my plan of letting the air out of the tires of all the O. bumper stickered vehicles in the neighborhood, on account of bad weather. Heh heh. I really am just kidding. But a girl can fantasize... =) North Carolina is going to be close this year...


Rachel said...

Seth will absolutely love being so close to a train! Collin would be in heaven! Look at it that way! Something to entertain the kids with! Are you close enough to walk and look at them? That would be a highlight of Collin's day if we could walk to see a train everyday!!

And I'm right there with ya on the wishing the bad weather will keep 'some' people away from voting! We'll know in a few hours though!! (still prayin'!!!)

The Mom said...

You know, crazy though it sounds, I'd love a house with all that background noise.

Why? So that no one would be disturbed by my 12 home educated children being children (making a noise :-/ ) and no one would hear if I got too upset with them (and yelled).

Blanket noise brings privacy with it. Neat little roads which are silent but for the sound of one baby crying may sound idyllic, but in reality the can be quite stressful.

I would not want to live next to some one with 12 dc. We try to be considerate. I appreciate background noise.

(You might grow to love it, friend :-)

Why do I like your blog? Cos we can share thoughts and feelings. Despite differences, all God's children are alike.