Saturday, November 22, 2008

A cutie and a rug...

I have been extremely remiss in taking pics of my cutie these days. It's pathetic how few I've taken in the last month. Well, we went out to a playground yesterday morning, and I finally took along my camera and got some good ones. It was quite cold for NC. With the wind chill, it might've been below freezing. We were the only ones out there... except for a Swedish family. I mentioned to David that it should say something to us that the only other people on the playground were from a cold, Icelandic country. And the mom of the family didn't come. 'Nuf said. And it may look like I outfit my baby from head to toe in Old Navy wear, but I'm not that trendy. =) The coat is a loaner from Isaac, and I got the hat last week for 50 cents at a church sale. Booya!

After driving all over town looking for a cheap, plain brown rug, I struck out. Even having a remnant bound was going to run me over $200. I went over to BJ's yesterday and got my free trial membership. And they had pretty rugs for way cheaper than anywhere else in town. I wasn't finding plain, ugly rugs with this kind of pile for $200. That's right, folks. $200 for a pretty oriental.
But I'm not sure if its not a little over the top for what I was going for. I think the pattern will hide crumbs pretty well, but I'm not sure. And I know it doesn't go with the thrift store loveseat, but that will go in a few years probably when this room turns into a homeschooling room. Anyway, I'm looking for opinions, and I can take this back for 30 days. I have other warehouse stores I could try, I guess. Maybe Costco.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Keep the rug!

Amy said...

Are you in love with the loveseat? If not--SLIP COVER!! :)