Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gotta cold...

Seth and I went to visit Nana and Papa for some spoiling Tuesday through Wednesday evening. They took good care of both of us. My daddy kept a roaring fire going in the fireplace for me the whole time, and I got some great babysitting so I could go and beg some maternity clothes off of Rachel. =) Of course, the munchkin had a great time getting their full and undivided attention. Ahem.

But... I came back with a cold last night. I woke up this morning feeling awful. Hoping against hope that it was just congestion from the heating at their house, I got ready to go to Bible study. I fed Seth, and I ate a bowl of Cheerios. Big mistake. After I found out how mistaken I was to partake of Cheerios and milk, I cancelled the Bible study plans. =( I think I just have a cold and bad congestion. It was a long morning here, as you can imagine.

There are so many things I want to do today, and no energy to do them. Don't you hate it when that happens? But the laundry is clean, and David will help me fold it tonight, and he gave me the gift of telling me that tomorrow is his off Friday. What a blessing! And I'm not having to miss MOPs, where I'm actually in charge. I'm going to lay low, drink a lot of hot Russian tea, and thank God because it could be much worse timing.

I'm settling in better to this house, though it was a bummer to come back because it doesn't feel like home yet. I'm much more comfortable at my parent's than at the place I currently live, but that's understandable after only a couple of weeks of living here. Anybody remember that feeling of coming back from a comfy, familiar place to one that isn't as familiar? Dorm rooms, new apartments, etc.; they all apply. I think changes make me think of all the other changes and feelings I experienced in similar situations. It's kind of a trip down a memory lane of random emotions in random times.

And now I am off to rest. And wish I could take Sudafed... =)

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Rachel said...

Colds are so much worse when you're pregnant! You can't take anything! I did take a little Tylonal with my last one, because my face hurt so bad from the pressure. Hang in there, hope you didn't give it us!! : ) Love ya!