Friday, November 14, 2008

Rainy day fun...

It's been a nice, rainy week here. Seth is down for a nap, and I love how he naps better when its dark and rainy. =) I went to Sarah's this morning and received the gift of DVD loaners in exchange for an unused Baby Bjorn loaner. Being able to barter with others is such a blessing. =) We all save money that way.

And things are definitely looking up around this new casa. Tuesday night saw the low point. I left the house at midnight to drive over to the old house, sit on the empty back porch, and cry until I didn't have anything left. And then I started to see improvement in acceptance of my new place. Maybe I don't know how to get over something until I have a dramatic moment. =) We have experienced some less noisy days this week, but it hasn't been all week, so I don't think that's it. I think God is graciously answering my prayer for acceptance and appreciation, and I'm very grateful for that.

I'm meeting my neighbors, and they are sweet ones. The family two doors down has a little boy who is Seth's age, and they have spent some time pushing each other on riding toys in the cul de sac. The mom is German, and the dad is something else European, and the 2-year-old boy speaks a mishmash of 5 languages. Her parents are here for several weeks, and I was talking to the grandmother the other day, and she lapsed in and out of English and French while she was talking to me. Fortunately, I understand some French, so it was ok. I'm just glad she wasn't speaking German. I would've been completely lost. I'm looking forward to getting to know this family better, and I want to be good, living example of the Gospel to them.

And I've gotten two plates of brownies this week. Two of the moms in my MOPs group live right around the corner, and they both dropped by with chocolate. One of them can walk to my house on her way to the local Food Lion, so that's what she did. I don't think I've ever lived as close to people I know as I do now. It's interesting. I'm running into more people at know at Target now, too. =) We all like that sense of community, don't we?

So now I'm off to fold a mountain of laundry, and then do this. We've got friends coming for dinner. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I'm missing one curtain in my living room. Maybe I'll just shuffle some curtains around. I'm praying for it to show up on Ebay one day. =) At this point, no one really expects you to have your house totally together, do they?


Wendy said...

So, I learned something in my Anatomy class on Tuesday, and I thought of you.

There's an area of the brain that specializes in the filtering mechanism. I'm still learning on what the exact area it is, but nonetheless, it seems to be true. It's what helps us filter out that we're wearing a watch on our arm (until the clasp breaks), that the local train is going through town, and I suppose in your case, that a busy interstate is in your yard. :) Of course, ultimately, it's God who has done this for us. But the fact that He's equipped our brains with the ability to filter is pretty cool, I thought.

So, until that part of your brain kicks in...and it will...enjoy the earplugs and eye mask. :-)

katie said...

Wouldn't it have been perfect if, when you sat down at the old house for a good cry, those darn dogs would have started barking and howling... that would have nipped things in the bud right then and there!!

And no one expects anything close to perfection for the first several months of being in a new house!

Ruth LaBombard said...

We've been in our house for 7ish months and we still have no pictures up... I know, it's shameful. Hope that makes you feel better.