Friday, December 07, 2007

Little blessings...

I've been hoarding Chick Fil A coupons. I got the free chicken sandwich and Coke coupons in the mail, so I've been sitting on those for a couple of months. Then my mom gave me a coupon she got for a free chicken sandwich. I figured tonight would be the Friday night that David and I and Munchkin would go for broke. Yes, we'd blow it all on one night of pleasure... =) We've really tightened up on eating out lately as part of the big Family Save More Spend Less Initiative of 2007-2008. I think this is the first time we've eaten out together (without being caught on the road with no food) in a couple of months. Oh yeah, except for that lunch date we had at Thanksgiving when my parents watched Seth. But the point is, we don't just go out, even for fast food, much anymore. It's a big deal not to eat at home.

Well, tonight, we walked into our local Chick Fil A, and there was a party going on! Yep, they heard we were coming to spend $1.75 on fries, so they blew up a bunch of balloons and put on their party hats... Actually, it was this location's 1st anniversary of being in business. They had free ice cream sundaes with all the fixin's, a birthday cake, and a wheel you could spin for prizes. Guess what the prizes were? More free food! Tonight, this little family cleaned up. I spun the wheel and won another chicken sandwich. David won a chicken wrap. Seth even got to spin, and though I was hoping he'd win Mommy some more chicken, he won himself a tiny stuffed cow. Already he's foiling my plans for free stuff for me based on his cuteness.

Seth was super fussy this afternoon and tonight for some reason, so it was a great night not to be at home. He's so much happier when he's out looking at things. He played with a drink lid, one of his favorite toys, and he sucked on a lovely plastic spoon (probably made for his pleasure in China, the Land of Lead). We stayed in Chick Fil A as long as we could. We milked those free refills to death, and we lingered over our free sundaes. It was a really nice Friday night event.

And I felt blessed. I feel like I've really been trying to cut our grocery budget and curb our eating out. I'm sure I have a long way to go in joyful frugal living, but it was nice to feel like God was giving me a pat on the back for my puny efforts. Tonight we ate practically for free, and we won two more meals for later! I am a happy girl. He is good, even in the little things. Like free chicken. =)

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