Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leaving for Christmas...

Hi, everyone! This may be my last post before Christmas. Sniff. =) This Thursday, we drove up to D.C. for an annual Christmas party at David's last place of employment. Seth was an angel! I was really worried because he hadn't enjoyed the 4 1/2 hour car ride much when we did it to look for housing in July. God answered my prayers, and I think he enjoyed the trip just as much as we did! =) He loved rolling around the floor and talking to all the people at the party. There were so many neat things for him to look at that he was happy most of the time.

After the party, (which we got a sweet parking space for, even in downtown D.C.!), we went back to Arlington to meet friends at one of my favorite restaurants in D.C., Noodles and Company. This place was right across the street for our building, it was cheap, and it was fast. I loved it. I'm a carb girl. So we went back for a nostalgia trip for me. I had the braised beef stroganoff. Sooo good.

We ate dinner with the friends that would be hosting us for the night, Seth and Catherine. They have a great townhouse in Arlington. And if you're wondering, Seth's name is where we got the inspiration for our son's name, though he really isn't named after him or anyone else but his daddy. We had just enough time to set up the baby tent and for me to nurse baby Seth, and then we were off to Washington again for our.... personal White House tour!

We have a good friend who is working there now, and he was able to give us a tour of the OMB and the West Wing. I'll post more about all the neat and fascinating things he told us. Hopefully, I won't forget anything major by waiting. It was a wonderful experience, and we're so thankful for the chance to do something like that.

We drove back on Friday, after making a quick stop at Ikea for the world's best breakfast on the cheap anywhere, and so I could pick up some of their amazingly good frozen Swedish meatballs. Ikea also deserves it's own post. I love that store! It's a unique shopping experience, especially when they're playing Swedish Christmas carols.

Seth was a darling about the car ride back again. He even napped for 2 hours! Shocker! He never does that in his car seat. I think he likes to travel. At least I'm crossing my fingers that he does, 'cause we're getting on a plane for Birmingham at 12:25 p.m. today. It's a short nonstop flight. Please pray for traveling mercies and a good visit with David's family. Merry Christmas to all! May you reflect on Jesus and His incredible love for you this season!

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