Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Incredible Do-It-Yourself Cart Cushion Thingy

Behold, a cheap woman's inventive solution to the baby-falling-over-in-the-huge-grocery-cart problem! =) I polled a bunch of mommies on my local mommy forum website, and many suggestions included some kind of stuffing around the little man, be it paper towel rolls or travel pillows, etc. So I pulled out my trusty bungee cords and an old pillow and pillowcase and gave it a go. David and I had this pack of a few different sizes of bungee cords that we got from Target a while ago. The middle size worked like a charm. I just put my pillow down, hook a cord on each side, and arrange the pillow so it's between the cords. Voila! Then I cover it with my favorite Pottery Barn kids blanket, so it doesn't look completely tacky.

He loves it, can ya tell? He really does... He was just mad that I wouldn't let him hold the grocery list, and I wasn't going to stand in the Walmart parking lot all day with my camera, waiting for him to get happy with the sun in his eyes, so you'll just have to take my word for it. =) So if you're having the same problem with floppy baby syndrome, your only solution doesn't have to be carrying the baby or putting him in a Baby Bjorn the whole shopping trip. Take heart, my fellow mommies of the aching back!


chris said...

I'm sure this goes without saying... but make sure you wash that afterwards -every single time.
A recent study said something like 90+% off all carts have fec*l matter and other fluids on them.
Sorry - not trying to be gross -just didn't want to assume everyone knew that:-)

Ruthie said...

Very ingenious of you, Ellen!