Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend at home...

Seth and I went home on Thursday night after dinner... I put him in his sleeper, buckled him in, and he slept all the way. I love that it's that easy right now. The drive didn't seem to take any time at all. This is the first time I've done it since we moved back to NC, and I'm glad it feels so short. We got in late, and I put him right down, and the next morning, I hit a couple of consignment sales before heading to Rachel's to pick her up. I don't know anyone pays full price for toys; I had no idea there were so many great deals to be had! I got him a few things that I'll be giving him for his birthday. I got a few clothes; sadly not enough, but it was a big help. I think I'm a brand snob, specifically Gymboree... I even got David a backpack carrier for $7. We took it out tonight, and Seth and David both love it. Ok, but I digress. I got to Rachel's, and we loaded up Emma and Seth in our van, I turned the key, and... nothing happened. We've drained the battery twice overnight lately because I'm not used to it having to slam a tailgate so the light will go off. I thought it had recharged, but it was toast. So, we unloaded all the kids and gear and put them in her mom's car, and we headed out. I'm glad I've known her since I was 12, or that would've been a lot more embarrassing. (We got a new battery the next day, and everything's fine now.) But we had a good time, and Seth had a couple of big firsts. He had his first ride in the front of the cart at Costco, and he had his first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. Since he just learned to sit up a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't sure what he was capable of, but he can do it!

David got in on Friday night after work, and we went to visit my grandmother on Saturday morning. My Great-Aunt Mary came over to see Seth, too, and it was really nice. This is Aunt Mary and Seth. Aunt Mary is soo much fun. She is the spunkiest, funniest old lady I've ever met. I aspire to be like her when I am older. She made Seth a Raggedy Andy doll from a pattern a few months ago, and she's 86 years old! She dresses up and tells children stories in the Pumpkin Patch at church every year. She used to be a preschool teacher, my preschool teacher, and when I got married, she gave me recipes for Green Eggs and Ham and homemade playdough. I'm so glad that Seth is getting to know her, too.

Then, it was off to see our friends Ben and Janet. They have been friends of ours since their kids were little, and Andrew is now a Sophomore in college, and Molly's a high school senior. This family has been with us through thick and thin, and they're one of the first Oak Ridge families that David got to know closely. We can talk with them for hours about just about anything, and they have been extremely hospitable with us--always having us over on short notice--even on Christmas day a couple of times! We didn't have long, but we spent a couple of hours just catching up. Then Ben and Janet took turns feeding Seth. It was a blast.
Back in Raleigh now. We had hot dogs on the grill and mac n' cheese for dinner. Super healthy. =) It was another church hunt Sunday. I'll write about that more later; I'm so tired of it, and that wasn't just because I was tired this morning. Time for the season premiere of the Simpsons... =)

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