Wednesday, September 05, 2007

David's first day and other randomness...

David's first day of work went great. He spent it primarily as many of us have spent many first days at work. He had orientation. This involved many hours of meetings as various heads of divisions trouped by him, explaining their various specialties. I always kind of liked the first day of a new job. I liked the orientation, and the chance to look around me and ask questions before being expected to do any actual work. David doesn't like it. He's itching to get started. Today, he's watching more training videos, but I think he's resigned to his fate. Thursday will involve actual work. He's a little nervous because this is a very new aspect of lawyering to him, so please pray for him as he gets acclimated.

I struggle with how much to say about David's job on this blog. His new line of work involves greater risk to us as a family if certain elements of our society decide they want to do us harm. So I don't think I'll be talking much about what he does or referring to it much on this blog. I have to do my part to keep from drawing attention to him so that our family will be protected. So I'll just say that he'll be working hard so that all Americans can sleep safely in their beds at night, and he'll be working hard to bring justice for those who have been hurt. I am extremely proud of him, and I know he'll do really well at it (because he's brilliant), even though many aspects of this new job are unfamiliar to him. Seth is also going to be so proud of his daddy when he gets old enough to understand what he does. I'm looking forward to that. =)

And we're hanging in there at home. I'll be honest. It was a lonely feeling this morning when I got up. I realized last night when David got home that the few hours we got with him before bed seemed totally inadequte, considering what I'd been spoiled with. It felt like I barely saw him. I'll get used to it, but it is a pretty big contrast. But I got up this morning, and we went for another walk, this time around a local lake, and I did a lot of praying for a good attitude and for the isolated feeling to lift, and by this afternoon, things have improved. I'll probably be seeing adult humans tomorrow and the next day. My Bible study starts tomorrow, and I may be hanging out with another mommy friend on Friday, so hopefully, the end of this short week will bring some sort of routine with it. MOPS starts next week...

Oh yeah, and for those of you who are impatient with me for not giving you enough updates, David's voice is holding steady. It is almost completely better. It's been at this stage for a few weeks now, and we're so pleased about that. I wish all of you could hear the contrast between 3 months ago and today. It's pretty amazing. Three months ago, he couldn't speak above a strained whisper, and that did not change for a long time. A few weeks ago, God answered our prayers, and he now sounds almost normal. There have been many, many people praying for him. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to pray that his voice would be completely restored. If you didn't know him before, you might not know that there is anything wrong. But he doesn't have the vocal range that he did before, and he doesn't have much volume without his voice cracking. Some days his voice has a slightly higher tone to it than others. He wants to be able to sing and make funny voices for Seth's books. Maybe we should just be content with what we have, and I am very thankful for it, but I don't think it's wrong to ask that God would heal him completely. Maybe we won't get it, but I figure it's ok to ask... so please lift him up if you think of it. Your prayers are mighty and effective.

And for those of you that were wondering, David got home later than I expected, Seth was cranky, and he found... no dinner prepartions and a wife who said, "Here..." while throwing the baby at him with one hand and chopping mushrooms with the other. So much for my Happy Housewife dreams... =)

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