Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seth finally learns to sit up...

Yes!! Alright!! Way to go, baby! Or at least, that was what was being screamed a couple of days ago... My baby has finally learned to sit up on his own at the ripe old age of 7 months. We went to the pediatrician, and she gave us this horrible checklist of things he should be doing. I hate those. They're designed to make you worry if your baby hasn't checked off every single thing that the Experts say he should be doing by his age. Then the pediatrician comes in and says, "Oh, he's not doing that? (Mild frown) Well, keep working on it."

While we were at the beach, we walked by this mom sitting with her happy, sand covered baby girl, age 5 months. She asked us how old Seth was, and then she said, "When did he start sitting up? She just started this week." Then she lifted off her hands, and behold, the tiny tot sat there, beating the sand and giving everyone a gummy smile. Me: "He hasn't really started sitting up yet," (through gritted teeth smile). David, Seth, and I walked away, with me saying, "Do you really want to be showed up by a 5 month old? Huh, huh?" He was unmoved, happily chewing David's fingers.

I think that Seth is just the kind of child who's going to sit back, observe, and carefully and methodically decide what he wants to do and when. I think he's been physically capable of sitting up for a long time now, but he just wasn't ready. He wanted to enjoy floor play a little more or something. But I am glad that he's doing the sitting up thing now so the pediatrician won't be hounding me at his next visit. =)

We went to MOPS this morning. It was a roomful of women in my same stage of life, all looking for friends and playdates. Heavenly. We made some beribboned flip flops that I may or may not ever wear. And I have a tentative play date set up on Friday with another mom who just moved here. We're settling in, slowly but surely. And... Seth napped in the nap room in the nursery! Awesome! I'm hoping this keeps up. I won't feel as bad about taking him and leaving him there during nap time. Please pray for no separation anxiety. It's easy to leave him in nursery now, and I'm crossing my fingers that it will continue to be.

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Momma B. said...

YAY for MOPS! That is one of the things I miss most about leaving DFW. Enjoy!!