Thursday, May 08, 2008

MOPs pajama party...

Hmm, didn't really mean to put that picture up first... She is a wonderful God fearing wife and mother who was getting goofy with the balloons, just so ya know. Oh well. =) Anyhoo, my group of local MOPs gals knows how to throw a party... in their pjs. =) This was our end of the year banquet on Tuesday night. We were all instructed to wear our night wear. I put on my hot pink leopard print pajamas, pink bathrobe, and glitzy jewelry, and headed to the church. I thought we were the only event happening there that night, but I was wrong. It was a little weird walking in in my bathrobe. =) But I must say, I've never been more comfortable at a party.

There was music and dancing and good food and awards and a stand up comedienne. This is Aretha and the Moppettes. They knew how to bust a move. =) Every mom of preschoolers would love a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

We had a red carpet, and Access Hollywood was there to interview us as we came down. I love the curlers in her hair. I didn't get them in the picture, but she was wearing gold sequined heels. Fabulous.

This is my small group leader for MOPs. She is 9 months pregnant, and looking fabulous. Note the black silk pajamas and tiara in her hair. The top picture was actually instigated by her and another pregnant mom dancing during the line dancing portion of the evening. Susan put a balloon in her shirt to dance next to the pregnant ladies, and everyone was laughing so hard at that that she added a couple of other balloons in strategic places. Did I mention that there was no alcohol involved? Who says us stay at home moms can't have some good clean fun on a Tuesday night? Not me!

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