Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy belated Mother's Day...

We went to my parent's house this weekend for Mother's Day. Headed out after dinner on Friday night, and came back last night, pretty late. We had a very relaxing and interesting time. I got my hair cut by the same lady who's been cutting it since I was 12. I'm a wuss, and the thought of finding a new hairdresser here scares me. I'll take the plunge one of these days.

On the way home, I found a great yard sale and scored some amazing deals on kid's toys. I'll probably post a picture of that haul later. It wasn't all just for Seth. I have a weakness for crocheted afghans, since I crochet myself. I found a neat one for $.50. I'm sure the lovely older lady who made it would cry if she knew how much I paid for it. But, hey, at least I appreciate her work.

Saturday afternoon and night were spent rehearsing and singing in my old youth chorus' 20th anniversary concert. More on that later... maybe.

Sunday we left Seth with Daddy and went to church. It was a small group, and I enjoyed it. Things sometimes seem more casual at a home church when there's a smaller crowd. David and I both shared, and I thought again about much I sometimes miss this style of worship. Then, last night we took my grandmother out to a buffet. I'm glad we didn't go at lunch. It was crazy enough at dinner. Mother's Day is not a good day to eat out... anywhere.

Before we left last night, David whispered in my ear that maybe we should leave Seth with my parents for the night. They are coming here this afternoon so we can go out to eat at a fancy restaurant for Mom's birthday, so his point was that it wouldn't be long, and that way he would get to go to bed on time. For some reason, the thought initially made me feel weepy. I said, "No, I'm not waking up tomorrow without my baby in the next room over." Then I had a little time to think, and I realized he was right. Seth got a good night's sleep, and I get to go grocery shopping without him this morning. He'll be back this afternoon. What's wrong with me? Dad said, "Don't you want a break?" I said, "He's been a really good baby lately. I don't need a break from him."

Seth is my constant companion, my partner in crime. I don't know what to do without him sitting in the backseat behind me. Hey, even David understands this a bit. Last night, he closed the door to Seth's room because he said it was too weird to have it open that late at night. Awww.

But, I'm sitting here in my bathrobe with a hot cup of cocoa. And I can do a few things this morning that I would have trouble doing otherwise, so we all win. I guess. But they'd better get him back before too late...

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