Thursday, May 08, 2008

Savannah bound...

Hey, y'all! Hmm, goings on around here. Seth is getting much more mobile, so that's been a real treat for me! I love watching him army crawl from room to room. He's also fallen in love with his ball. He rolls it back and forth and "chases" it, squealing all the way. It's great to see him taking an interest in new things.

We had a little excitement of a potentially bad kind. A lady that David is prosecuting decided that she wanted to go to trial, despite the mountain of evidence against her. It looked like the trial was going to be set for... the week we're supposed to go to Savannah for our 7th anniversary. Ouch. We have already paid for two nights at a beautiful B&B near downtown, and by the time we found out about it, it was too late to get out of our reservation with them. For awhile, I had visions of me and a friend taking my anniversary trip. What a romantic adventure. Not.

But, God has mercifully smiled upon us. The trial was postponed by the judge for some paperwork reasons, and it won't be happening until July! We get to go! Yeah! This is going to be our first big romantic trip since before Seth was born. We've never been to Savannah, and I can't wait! I love live oaks, and apparently, they have one of the longest alles of live oaks in the world. (See picture above.)

So... if any of you know anything about Savannah and would like to give me your two cents about things to see, eat, and do there, please comment. We're looking for advice! Hint, hint, Wendy. Oh yeah, the trip takes place on the weekend of May 16. Our anniversary is that Monday. Awww. =)


Sherry said...

Wow! Ellen! That's awesome! I love Savannah. That's where we went on our honeymoon, and it was wonderful. You will definitely want to take a horse drawn carriage ride in the evening, and there are great restuarants around there. One really cool place with great food and a unique atmosphere is the Pink House. Also if you are planning on going to the Lady and Sons restaurant, you will want to get there very early. David and I tried to go to that kind of last minute, and there was a line wrapped around the entire building just to get in there, but apparently it's worth it (we will definitely plan to go there next time) The best part about Savannah is just the beautiful scenery. It feels so quaint and romantic. We stayed in a B&B in the historic district and didn't have to move our car the whole time we were there. We walked everywhere and took tours of the old houses. As you probably already know, the whole historic district is made up of squares and most of them have fountains or statues in the middle - So beautiful! If you can do an historic tour of the city, it's worth it as well. Also depending on when you are there, you should check out the Jukebox Journey musical show at the local theatre for a night out. We went in December so they were doing part of their show as a Christmas speacial, but we LOVED it! There is really so much to see and do, and it's all wonderful. Oh yeah, also River street is a pretty little cobblestone street with quaint shops and restuarants on it that you don't want to miss as well. If want to talk about it sometime, I'd love to tell you all about it. David planned the whole honeymoon trip as a surprise, so I don't have all the booking details, but I could get them from him. So like I said, if you want to talk, just email me for my phone #. My email is my my first.lastname at gmail. I'm so excited for you. We plan on going back for one of our anniversaries too. Well, have fun planning and definitely have fun going. Talk to you soon.

Wendy P. said...

Sorry it's taken me a while to share what I know. :) You may have already figured some of this out by now as well. Keep in mind we went with my parents, who aren't as able to maneuver as they used to, due to bad hips & feet.

We did an "Olde Towne Trolley Tour"...they have a website you can google. I *think* tix are cheaper online than in person. It's a great first-day thing to do, to get acclimated to what's where. There are several various trolley tours...Ghost Tours at Night, historic tours, etc. Ours lasted about an hour and a half.

There's a great museum...unfortunately, the name escapes me. I think it's off MLK Dr. It's a history museum. Beside that is the Railroad Roundhouse Museum, if you like trains and such.

We didn't do Lady & Sons Restaurant. Our trolley driver basically said it's waaaaay overpriced, and really not worth the long line and time to get in there. There are lots of little local-yocal places around; you can't go wrong. There's a restaurant named for a Boarding House...again, i can't think of the name. It's supposed to be much cheaper and as equal an experience as Lady & Son.

Take the time to meander through the city cemetery. We didn't, though I wanted to. It's got some beautiful old tombstones in it...I was so curious about just who is buried out there!

Take a day and go to Tybee Island!!! I don't know whether the weather is warm enough down there to enjoy the beach yet, but that place was phenomenal. It's the coolest beach I've ever been to, where Sand dollars are in abundance and the tide (was) great. You can get to it by following your state map, but ironically, you may have to stop and ask directions for where the public access wasn't that easy for us to find. Near there, there's a Civil War fort...again, can't think of the name! It was a great fort; well worth the time we spent there.

There are lots of great shops and restaurants on River Street. Lots of candy shops, which make great photo ops.

Are y'all driving or flying? Abercorn Street is the main street in town; I do remember that much. It goes right down to the water front, and right through all the city squares and streets. It also goes out into the more modernized area of Savannah...which isn't much different from Raleigh, in my opinion. I was actually surprised that the city itself is relatively small.

I don't know if any of this helps; maybe so. I'm envious. :) I said last year that we were definitely going to have to try and get back down there soon; there was so much that I wanted to do and see. Have a great trip!