Sunday, May 04, 2008

Duck Sunday...

We live right off of a city walking/biking trail, and tonight we took our first family bike ride down to a local lake. (The gray bike is David's birthday present from my parents, and the pink bike is a loaner for me from our incredibly nice neighbors.) Wendy's is really close, so I went through the drive thru, and then we headed off! Seth loves riding in his little baby bike seat, and we both got to feel the wind in our hair and the soft evening light filtering through the trees. It was beautiful. Now... to convince the people on the end of our court to sell us their bigger house. =)

Our highly nutritious dinner, eaten on the bridge at the lake, 15 minutes after we left our house on our bikes. I'm lovin' how close it is, can you tell? =)

Seth got a little puppy love from a friendly passerby.

We took along the heals of our bread, and Seth enjoyed alternately eating the bread and throwing it to the geese and ducks. One for me, one for them, two for me, one for them...

I ran out of memory on my card, but there were 25 baby geese who came for a snack. They were adorable, and when we ran out of bread, Seth gave them his Cheerios.

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NotTheMama said...

I LOVE Sunday afternoons like that!! We live about 5 minutes away from a Methodist church camp, so we've spent lots of afternoons hiking, swimming, playing ball, etc.
Thanks for all the info!!! I emailed Helen ummmm earlier this week or late last week, and I have contacted Angel Adoptions! ;) I appreciate all the help!