Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seth at 9 months...

Seth is 9 months old. Sigh. We went to get him some new clothes yesterday. Boy, lemme tell ya, I have expensive taste. =) We to the local outlet mall to try and score some deals, but it was still pricier than I'd like. I have an addiction to Gymboree stuff, but hey, I only got him a few pieces at outlet prices, and I know from experience that they wear well. As you can tell from this picture, the 6-9 month stuff is getting too short. He's tall!

I'm loving the little person that he's becoming. I thought I loved the tiny baby stage, and I did, but I have to admit that those of you who told me that the bigger baby stage was still great were right. He is a squealing, yelling, laughing, pointing, writhing machine at this point, and I love it.

He's eating baby food right now, and he'll eat variety I put in front of him. Oatmeal cereal with bananas is about the only thing he seems to have a preference for. We tried Cheerios to see if he'd be into finger foods, but no dice for the longest time. He'd just gang and spit them out. Or he'd throw up. That lowered my incentive for pushing things. The past couple of weeks, though, he's been eating Cheerios like a champ. We put him in his high chair, and he sits there while we eat and happily attempts to get those little O's from his tray to his mouth. I think maybe 5 go in per meal, and the other 30 end up on the floor or in his chair, but hey, who's counting? =)

I'm beginning to wonder if Seth will be the Incredible Toothless 30-year-old. Maybe I'll be blending his lasagna when he's in high school, but I hope not. He has still shown nary a sign of a tooth. I don't know what to think, but hey, if teething will make him cranky and sleepless, I'll just embrace this gift for now. He also has zero interest in increased mobility. He loves to sit on the floor and play with the toys around him, but if one rolls out of his reach, he just gives up and sucks his thumb. He still hates tummy time with a passion, but I discovered a couple of days ago that he's willing to do it for 5 minutes if he's on the kitchen floor. Maybe it helps him slide better?

Seth LOVES his daddy, and I love watching that. When David comes in the door, his whole face lights up in a huge grin. He squeals and lifts up his arms to be taken. I have been paying attention, and no other person gets this reaction when they appear, except for maybe me. Yesterday, we were standing by the door watching David get out of the car. He went up to the curb to get the trash can, and Seth spotted him. He yelled in delight and pointed. It was great! Well, David does deserve the best daddy on the planet award. I certainly can't blame Seth for being super excited to see the man who takes him everywhere with him, gives him all sorts of things to play with that Mommy won't let him touch, and reads him books for a half an hour every single night.

Seth and I have a new game that we've had for the past few weeks. I put him in his chair on the table, and I go over to the counter to mix his cereal. He gives a short, loud yell, and I pretend to be startled and turn around. He gives me a slow, sly grin. I turn around to keep mixing, and he yells again. We keep this up until I'm done mixing his cereal. We both think it's a lot of fun.

The only people still reading this may be Seth's grandparents, but I just thought I'd share.


Ruth said...

I can't believe how big he's getting!! He's so handsome. :)

Momma B. said...

I read it and love learning about our little nephew! He is pretty handsome!!

Ellen said...

Oh yeah, Sarah, do you recognize that puppy in Seth's arms? He lots Spot and the Spot book you got him.

kristin said...

He's becoming quite the little boy...not the baby I saw just a few months ago. So adorable. :)

Sarah Shingler said...

I recognized that pup the moment I saw him!! :) So glad he likes him!
What big boy you have there.

Andrea Casey said...

What a handsome little guy you have! I especially like how he's hanging on to his puppy and sucking his thumb while sitting like a big boy...too sweet!

Ellen, I'm right there with you on the whole clothing deal...Gymboree has great stuff! Btw, I love his shoes!