Friday, October 12, 2007

Going away for the weekend...

We're heading to The Cabin after David gets home from work tonight. (I don't know why I'm so crazed with capitalizing/proper naming lately, but I just am. Bear with me. I may snap out of it. =) My family has this really, really old fishing cabin on the White Oak River. I mean, really, like 100 years old. It is shall we say...rustically charming. It has the original claw foot bathtub, water stains on the ceiling, and no air conditioning, as I'm sure I've mentioned before. I like taking a shower in an outdoor shower from time to time, though, so we're all good.

Every year when I was a kid, we would go down in the fall for the Mullet Festival. No, I'm not talking about the original redneck hairdo. I'm talking about mullet, as in, fish. Yes, there is an entire festival dedicated to a somewhat obscure fish. They have a local parade, complete with a Mullet Queen and her Mullet Court. None of them wear anything fishy. They have a street festival with crafts and carnival food and mullet served up any way you'd like it. They have fried mullet, they have poached mullet, they have mullet on a stick. Mmmm. Have I mentioned that I OD'd on fish as the child of a fisherman, and I haven't had any in years? =) I go for the parade and the ambiance. But, I haven't been to the Mullet Festival in soo long. I went to college, got married, moved away, moved away again, moved away again, moved away again, etc., etc....but now I'm finally close enough to head back for a childhood tradition.

I hope Seth enjoys his first Mullet Festival ever. Let's hope he can nap in a stroller with a crazy, fish loving parade going on around him. Not likely. I won't be able to record this trip for posterity on my really nice Nikon D50. And why, you may ask is that? I'm going to tell you even if you're not interested because this is my blog, and you're still reading. =) I had to send it off this morning to Nikon headquarters to be fixed. My new camera has some sort of flash problem. Sniff. Fortunately, I did find my receipt, and it is under warranty. If you feel led to lift up a prayer for something as silly as this, please ask God that this camera gets fixed quickly, and that I don't have another problem with it again for many, many years.

Toodles. See ya next week!

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