Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Bad Birthday Blues...

Hey, everybody. I realized I hadn't written for several days, and since my sister-in-law's blog is faithfully updated every couple of days, the guilt began to eat at me. =) The reason I haven't written is because I've been too busy being sick and grouchy about it. My 27th birthday was on February 21. That was also the day that I woke up with a horrible cold. I made it to work, thinking it was just a sinus problem from weather changes, but the fever that came on made me realize that I was sadly mistaken. David had Papa John's pizza (my favorite) delivered to work, but unfortunately, I was too sick to really enjoy it. He made me cashew chicken for dinner, and he lit the candles on my birthday cake. I made my wish, but the thought of the cake itself was odious to me, so I didn't eat any. How pathetic. The crud continued, leading to me tossing my Cheerios by the trash can in the parking garage on the way to an early morning ultrasound. I tried to rally enough to go to the Beth Moore live event, and Friday night was good, but Saturday morning, I was sick to my stomach again. This time the nausea was related to swollen ovaries and elevated hormone levels. David was scheduled to take me out for dinner that night, but I didn't even want to go. After all the work he'd put into making my birthday special, he didn't get to see the fruits of his labor pan out. I'm most disappointed about that, really. All in all, it was a stinky week. I can't remember ever being sick on my birthday before, so that probably lends to the problem. I guess I didn't realize how much I'd been expecting my day to be all about me like it always is, and when it didn't happen, I felt cheated. Just another lesson about putting all my hope in everyday circumstances, I guess. It's so tough not to get bent out of shape when life doesn't go your way, even in something small, like a ruined birthday. But there is always a silver lining. I'm feeling much better now, the weather has significantly improved, and I got to reschedule birthday dinner with David's mom and dad for last night when I could enjoy it. I got to have Mr. P's steak and Mom's delicious homemade cheesecake, and I got to blow out my candles with a smile on my face. We'll just call this a two week birthday "season," I guess. Here's hoping that all your birthdays are happy ones. =)

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