Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jet lagging....

Our mornings have been very slow since we got back from California. I have to drag us all out of the bed. Our school starts have also been slower. Not sure if its just the jet lag or the lingering congestion or both....

But its actually been pretty nice to start out slow and just not care. It's a "Mommy just doesn't care about the extras" week.

I guess that all started with The Hole above our kitchen table. I can look at it quite calmly and matter of factly at this point, so I shall tell you about it.

On Sunday night, I went out to replenish our groceries, and David bathed the boys, watched Ben, and tried to unpack their suitcases. (He was feeling ambitious and was being his usual completely involved and fully helpful self.) Well, he didn't notice that the boys had decided to gleefully throw large cupfuls of water out of the tub until the water was covering the whole bathroom floor by 1/4 of an inch.

When I went to put some groceries on the table after I came home, there was a puddle. What? Huh? I looked up and saw a large wet spot in the ceiling about the size of our tub. We called our trusty handyman, and he made a hole in the ceiling to help the water drain more quickly.

And the boys got to come down from their beds and see what their mischief had wrought.

I looked at the calendar, and I decided that a ceiling repair just wasn't in our schedule for two weeks. So  we'll be having birthday cake with the neighbors around the Hole, and the (mostly childless) ladies in my Sunday School class will be fellowshipping around the Hole. "Yes, ladies, when you have children, you too might get to experience the joy and humbling that is bathtime home damage!"

And I don't care. Nope. Just don't. David said, "You couldn't have left that hole there for 2 weeks 5 years ago. Hmmm, make that 3."

So if I drag myself out of bed each morning this week, stumble to the boys' room and throw their clothes on the floor, stumble to the baby's room and lie on the floor while he toddles around me for 15 minutes, and then stumble with him to the big boys' room and climb in the bottom bunk with Evan for another 10 minutes while Ben continues to toddle and climb on chairs and beds and anything else he can find.... that sounds just about perfect.

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