Thursday, January 17, 2013

good things....

- Getting a bloggy award from Brandy at "Afterthoughts." I even attempted to write a substantive post on some of our favorite kindergarten reads after I saw it, but Blogger killed it. (I really hope that there is something like Windows Live Writer for Mac.) I'll try again later.
- Being inside on a this really cold, blustery, rainy day.
- Chicken fajitas in the crockpot.
- Reading my mom's copy of the 1952 storybook, "A Road in Storyland" by Watty Piper. Gorgeous illustrations and old fashioned fairytales about the Rabbit who caught the sun and Boots and his brothers and his magic ax. Google it for some images of the pictures. Book lovers, prepare to drool.
- My twinkly lights that I leave up on the mantel until at least March. I need the mid-winter pick me up.
- My packing lists sitting next to me for our trip to CA. We head to San Diego on Saturday for a week of fun with David's brother and his family.
- That Ben will probably not be as horrific on the plane as I imagine he will.
- New glasses. And that I don't have the continue to nurse the scratched, stepped on, glasses I've had for 8 years, begging them not to break on me.
- Ben's black tuxedo one piece outfit. I got it from a generous friend who shops Gymboree for her boys, and it makes me giggle. He really does look like he's wearing tails. =)
- Robeez and their generic equivalent.
- Zipping Ben into his sleep sack on my bed every day for afternoon nap and giving him kisses on his cheek until he smiles. It's our ritual.
- That I've finally learned how to make good pie crust. It only took almost 12 years of marriage. =)
- That my honey is home from work, and he may be home tomorrow because we may get SNOW!
- Imagining their excitement if we do.... =)


Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

You see, I don't comment very many places anymore, but that was one way to (1) remind you I love your blog and (2) assure you I am still reading every. single. post. :)

Ellen said...

Hah! You'll have to tell me why you love it sometimes. Sometimes I feel like all I do is repeat myself and whine.... =)

Ellen said...

And create a ton of typos.... That was supposed to be "sometime" in the first sentence of the comment. =)

Ellen said...

Aghhh! I hate the Ipad. Brandy, I tried to publlish your sweet comment, and my finger hit the "delete" button instead of the "publish" button and I can't undo it. :( Really looking forward to the new computer coming soon...... But I got it, and I appreciate it.