Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week's end...

I'm typing this on the couch, listening to Seth teaching Evan "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" upstairs. One of my Mamie's striped brown and green crocheted afghans sits over my knees. The Walmart bags full of groceries sit in the kitchen, waiting for David to come down so we can chat and put away together...

Seth declined my offer to do the shopping with me tonight. It was his turn. But that was Evan's cue to stand at my knee while I did the washing up and beg to go. "I want to go, Mommy. Can I go to Walmart? Please?" I wasn't sure I had it in me to take my 3-year-old tonight, but I said to myself silently, "He won't always ask to give shopping with me. Take him."

So I did. He loves to help. And when we're waiting at the deli, I sing "Winne the Pooh" to him. He smiles soooo big, and I stop singing before the "Pooh" each time on the chorus, and he sings it. I know he's probably thinking potty humor in his 3-year-old boy head, but maybe not. =)

Lots of playing in the cul de sac tonight. Smelling the neighbors charcoal as they start grilling, the neighbor's brother checking out our house to give us a quote on the painting we need to do this spring, listening to the kids squeal as they race each other on bikes and scooters around the cul de sac.

Tomorrow is another school day. We have gymnastics (which they LOVE), and more Five in A Row. We're "rowing" "How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World" this week. There are discs all over our big world map as we discover how we get the ingredients to pie from all over the world- Sri Lanka for cinnamon, Italy for wheat, Jamaica for sugar, etc. We've watched Youtube videos on wheat harvesting, apple picking, salt drying. We've done apple taste tests and salt evaporation experiments.

Tomorrow we bake our pie and do a little bit of recipe fractions to go along with it. Seth has been asking all week when we're going to bake the pie, and I know that his understanding of trade and groceries and food sources is going to be so much richer than any other time we'll bake together. I know mine will be. :)

David's back down, and I hear him starting to put away. Happy Sunday to you all.... and God's best blessings on the coming week.

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