Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wait a second… i’m going to have 2 older children and a newborn?

It’s been a decent morning overall. We didn’t have anywhere to be this morning, so we did a lot of playing, making cards for teachers, etc. A little friend came to stay while her mom went to a doctor’s appointment, and that went just fine.

My friend got back with her 2-month-old, and she sat down in the playroom to nurse after we all had lunch. The playroom looked like a bomb had gone off, and my boys were being a little goofier than usual because they were showing off. I watched her nurse with Nerf guns being shot, children attempting to climb on her lap and look down her shirt, and while I attempted to referee the usual wrestling that turns into crying around here.

At this point, the sight of this has me discouraged and a little overwhelmed. (My friend is a laid back trouper who didn’t complain, but I’m not her. =) Seth was a pretty mellow 2-year-old when Evan was born, and things were still hard. I was in a mildly bad mood for months on end. Now I have two boys, neither of which seem very mild on a lot of days, and both with lots of demands for stories and crafts and helping to cock the Nerf gun, etc. How am I going to do this?

I want to enjoy my new baby. I love the new baby stage. Are the older two going to make that virtually impossible? Do they make straight jackets for 2 and 4-year-olds? =)

If anyone has any tips for how to get some peace and quiet with two active little boys while nursing a newborn, I’ll all ears. I’ve thought about mandatory room time for both of them to start off the day with special toys, etc. The problems seem to come most when they are playing together….


Terri said...

There's all kinds of strategies you could try...I'm sure some will work better than others for you. You'll know when you try them, I suppose.

I think the best thing is to prepare yourself mentally that you will have to be directing things from your nursing throne quite frequently. There will be days of chaos. But it won't ALWAYS be like that. You will still get your sweet snuggles, your quiet moments, and the added joy of seeing Seth and Evan truly enjoy their brother. What you saw today is probably part of the mix in your future--but not its sum total.

I haven't employed any formal schedule for when I'm nursing, but that might be more effective for you, since you're more organized in that way than me.

And remember: you've got 3.5 months for them to get a little older, learn a few more things, and gain some independence. That makes a big difference at this age.

Momma B. said...

I think Terri makes some great points! You are gonna figure this thing out. Just take it one day at a time. I think the seperate room time is a great idea but I would suggest starting that now so it doesn't feel like punishment or get related to the other changes going on. I always read books to the kids while I nursed or put in a video. Unfortunately, we did quite a bit of tv watching in those first 3 years but remember it doesn't last forever.

The most helpful thing we did was to help teach the girls that I am not here for their entertainment. I like to do things with them but it is to their ultimate benefit (AND YOURS) to teach them that Mommy has work to do also. I think the main thing is to figure out how to survive, then figure out how to enjoy this gift of motherhood!
You'll do just fine! Newborns sleep a lot!;)