Monday, April 04, 2011

the blessing of learning games…

Hi, all! It was a crazy week last week, and then the weekend was just as nutty. David’s dad has been in the hospital, and he and Seth went up there this weekend to visit. He’s on the mend, but pray for him if you think of him. Evan has an ear infection, so we kept that grumpiness here at home.

It was David’s birthday on Sunday, and he did get home in time for us to sing to him and have cake and open presents. We even got to go out to dinner, thanks to our babysitting adopted college student. Hey, he gets to save money on laundry, and we get to eat without our children. It’s a win, win, win for everyone. =)

But on Saturday, I found the most awesome spelling game at a yard sale. It was a $1, and it had all the pieces! Go to this link to see it. The reviews explain how it works… We pulled it out today, and Seth spelled his first word with me! I love how the little lowercase letters fit neatly in the pegs, and there are 4 different colors of letters. If he’s looking for a particular letter, he doesn’t have to look through the whole alphabet to find it… he just looks at the color of the rectangle on the board, and then he looks at the letters that are that color.

David and I went to Barnes and Noble this week, and I picked up this ladybug game for Seth as well. We had a gift card, so it cost me nothing, but the $10 would’ve been worth it. Seth has his uppercase letters mostly down, but his lowercase letters are another story. I wanted something that would help him learn them and connect upper and lowercase in his mind. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he knew several of them already… I hadn’t been sure. I can thank Dr. Suess’s ABC book for that, I think.

He enjoyed playing with both of these games today, and it’s great to feel like we’re learning reading essentials in multiple ways that interest him. Now, if I could just keep Evan happy while I’m working with Seth. Sigh. That’s going to take a little more practice…

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Perry and Amanda said...

Both games look like fun.