Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Today you got up from your toast and eggs, put your plate in the sink, and headed in the playroom. A minute later, you called me. When I came in, you were sitting on the floor, and you said, “Mama, I just want some attention.” And that’s what you got. I smothered my laughter. You are the coolest.

And then there was that time the other day when you opened the pantry door, and you just stood there, looking. I said, “What are you doing, Seth?” And you said, “I just want everything that I want.” You don’t want much, my handsome man….

We have this thing that we do in the mornings, you and I. I come downstairs with Evan, and then we look up and wait for you to come down. I call out, “It’s King Seth, and his Royal Giraffe!” and then I start da dumming what I think is probably the theme to Masterpiece Theatre. You smile, and then you start dancing right there on the steps. You bend your knees down and up, you grin, and you flail your arms slowly. It’s a total trip.

Today, on your way down the concrete steps at the pediatrician’s office, you said, “Mama, can you sing the song you sing at home when I come down the steps?” So I did… in front of God and everybody. And I didn’t even care how crazy I must’ve looked.

You’ve started telling great stories to me in the car. You’ll just get on a roll, and you’ll tell me all about it. All the way home from Trader Joe’s today you spun me a tale, made up of many parts of your favorite books and some parts of your everyday life. The story was full of things like, “And then the giraffe jumped in the water and swam and swam and swam. And then I said, “Come out, giraffe!” And then he did, and then a shark came and BIT him! And then I cried and cried. And then I said, “Stop, shark, or I’ll SHOOT you.” Your stories are wonderful. I could listen to them all day.

I love how you like to talk to everyone you meet. You always have something you want them to know about you. “Did you know that I have big muscles?” “Did you know that I have a big boy car seat?” “Did you know that I sleep with my giraffe?” These are perfect things to share. I wish we all did a little more of that innocent, excited sharing.

And I love 3 1/2. I wish it would never end…

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