Friday, August 27, 2010

Getaway weekend…


Can you tell we were really missing our kids? =) 


The view from the front porch of my parent’s cabin. This was taken on a lovely afternoon… sunny, light breeze to blow away all the bugs, sun sparkling on the water. We got to just sit and talk and read… together. And nobody woke up and started crying because they had a poopy diaper or wanted some “Juice! JUICE!” Awesome…. that lack of diapers and juice.


As we were leaving, David ushered me out of the front door, and he pointed to our ride. That’s not our car. David swapped cars with the college student we’ve adopted through our church. Poor Josh got the respectable yuppie-mobile, and we got his sporty ride. It had a sun roof and bucket seats and smelled like college student. The smell was a good thing. I can’t put my finger on what the combination was, but it reminded me of ye old college days… the good ones, not the ones when I had an exam or something.

So we drove through town with the top open and the engine powerfully thrumming. It was great. And Josh only got one ticket for improperly parking on a residential street near the beach. Don’t worry; we told him about it. =)

I’m going to put down this down for posterity. On our last evening there, we decided to take a nighttime walk on the beach. It was so romantic, the cool sand between our toes, the moon shining on the water… until the moon went behind the clouds, and it started to rain.

We’d already turned around to head back to the pier, but we weren’t nearly close enough. The bottom fell out of the sky. I’ve never been that sopping wet in my life. I told David that if he’d just entered me in a wet t-shirt contest, at least I could’ve kept something dry. I was wiping the water back over my head with my hands just so I could see.

We made it back to the car, wrung ourselves out, and headed home. That was when Josh’s AC decided to have a minor malfunction. This meant that the defrost wasn’t working.

So here we are, soaked to the skin, can’t open the windows ‘cause it’s still pouring, trying to drive home. David can’t see, and there’s nowhere to pull over. Finally I find a place, and we do, and David gets the idea to take off his sopping wet shirt and have me wipe the interior of the windshield, hoping we can make it home that way. Well, we make it another 100 feet or so, and pull over again. Surprise… the wet shirt isn’t much help. That’s when David realizes we can use the heat to defrost the car. Unusual choice for the beach in August, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

We made it back, and we didn’t wreck Josh’s car. And then we laughed about it. =)

We’ll have to do this again more often than once every two years, honey. I can’t wait to see what happens next time we get away together. =)

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