Thursday, August 12, 2010


It’s about 11:30, and I’m not terribly sleepy for whatever reason. No nap for me today, so that can’t be it. Oh well, I’ll go to bed in a minute.

Evan has been sick this week and last. He has some sort of stomach bug. The munchkin is happy as a lark for the most part, but he’s thrown up once a day just about every day for a week now. Since I had a stomach bug that lasted that long recently, I have assumed that that’s what it is. If he’s not better by Monday, I’ll take him in to the doctor. I sort of wish he had some other mildly alarming symptoms instead of the cheerful hurling. Then I would be more sure whether or not to take him to the doctor.

I’m not a parent who likes to go to the doctor unless we have to. So much of the time, they just have a run of the mill virus, and the doctor can’t do anything. I also fear catching something in the waiting room. I think we’ve done that at least once. =)

Other than that, summer days slip by like warm pool water through our fingers… Man, its hot. At least we have a pool we can go to around here. I think we’ll head there again tomorrow.

I’m also noticing how a few more of things that I used to struggle with are getting gradually easier. Evan is 14 months, and while not walking, he gets around pretty quickly. He and Seth play together a lot more, and its really darling to watch. And the talking… oh, the talking. He’s got about 50 words, and he uses them. It’s adorable…

Seth is able to “help” me with the grocery shopping now, so I’m not stuck doing it at night all the time anymore. He takes his little mini shopping cart, and he follows me around the local Food Lion. I let him choose things to put in the cart, and when we reach the checkout, he puts his items on the belt and then puts the cart back. He also loves to stop and tell random shoppers that “I’m shopping!” or “Did you know that I have a big boy car seat?” or “I sleep with my giraffe!” A sweet older lady told him today that he made her day. You should’ve seen his grin.

Getting a meal on the table isn’t nearly the grouch inducing endeavor that it’s been for about a year now. I’m excited about making muffins and desserts again, and the thought of actually chopping something up isn’t odious to me. =) Yay for increased energy and excitement about daily chores!

David and I are going away next weekend for a long weekend. My parents are taking the boys. We realized today that we haven’t gone away together since Seth was a year and a half. He wasn’t even walking the last time we went on a trip together! Wow! I realized that we are super excited to get to do things like go to a movie alone or be at the beach during nap time. I was wondering why that was, and then I realized that we didn’t relish a break nearly as much back then because daily life with one wasn’t nearly as chaotic as daily life with two active, spunky, tiny boys.

Ok, losing steam. My soft sheets are calling me. G’night.

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