Monday, August 30, 2010

Seasons change…

It’s been a beautiful day in my neighborhood. August here is awfully hot, but something subtle has shifted in the last few days. It’s still hot, but there’s a breeze, and the dreadful humidity has lifted. Evenings are getting a bit cooler, and its pleasant again to walk on our local trails then.

This morning was full of simple goodness for us. We all slept in, and while Evan napped, Seth and I played outside with his bean box. I read “A Charlotte Mason Companion” while he scooped and shoveled and told me all about his building activities.

I got lots of hugs and snuggles and rejoiced in watching Evan try new, non baby food options for lunch. He’s not a picky eater at this point, and its great to see him taste sharp cheddar without wincing. =) Seth helped me with the grocery shopping, and he even got a cookie from the deli for himself and his brother. (He’s sharing cookies. My work here is done.)

I’ve been thinking about how God has changed me as I’ve gone through different seasons of being a mom. When Seth was born, we lived in a high rise in D.C., and we were constantly on the go. We even had a baby tent I got pitch anywhere, and he would nap wherever he happened to be.

Things didn’t change much with that when we moved here. I still liked to be on the go. We’d run around town, checking out all the new parks and play areas and shopping centers. When he moved to one nap a day, I felt like I’d really gained some freedom. We were busy, and though home was our base, we were out a lot. We loved exploring, just me and Seth.

But things have shifted subtly for me. Those days of loving to be out a lot most days are over, I think. Evan still takes a morning nap, and I don’t want him to miss it too much, so we’re sticking around here in part for him. But… its not just for him, either.

I increasingly like being here with just my boys. I like having short, spur of the moment adventures, like running to the park for 1/2 an hour or an hour, and then spending the rest of the day building blocks or baking brownies or playing in the pool. I’m not the big “playdater” I used to be. Don’t get me wrong; I like playdates and people and being out. They’re just not quite as necessary as they used to seem.

I have a friend who seems happiest when she’s with other people and out of her house. I used to identify with that. I don’t anymore. I don’t know when that changed exactly. I just know that it did. I have found more contentment within my own walls. And I love that my children just get more interesting every day.

Could be that I have one that talks and makes up stories now. Hmmm… maybe that explains everything. =)

Anyway, I noticed a couple of days ago that I’m not really looking forward that much to a busier fall schedule. This is the first summer since I’ve had children that I could say that. From fall through spring, I have a couple of hours two mornings a week when I’m in either MOPs or CBS that I’m not with my boys. I used to really appreciate the break. Now the thought makes me a little sad.

It’s been a good summer. We’ve created a good routine for us. I kinda hate to say goodbye to that. Oh well, the beautiful thing about this life I have is that we can change these things up if they aren’t working…

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