Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last of our new home...

This is the guest bedroom/office. My mom finished off the duvet cover I started making several years ago with Mom B. We even have a nice little nightstand with an alarm clock and some light reading, if you ever come to call. I'm glad we finally have someplace besides a sofabed for our guests to rest their weary bones. If you've stayed with us before, and you're planning to stay with us again, I know you're excited about getting to sleep somewhere besides our living room with a door that closes. =)

I think we're finally done with most of my decorating. There are a few blank walls where I plan to put pictures I haven't had printed yet, but it's mostly done, I think. Here's the living room... This is the view from our little hallway.

Here's the view from our front door. I found a creative way to use the pictures that Diana framed for us over the couch. You can tell that the cat's completely at home...

And this was David's big project last night. He hung all those plates you see over the cabinets. He measured and made marks. I really appreciated this because he wanted to get this off the to-do list, even though he doesn't enjoy this kind of thing. Thanks to Mom for all the extras in her blue plate collection... I think it gives the room a really nice touch. Sarah, no snide remarks about my shamelss copycatting. Hey, it's convenient to like the same things your mom does. It means she gives you her leftovers.

And this is something that definitely warms my heart. Seth is starting to enjoy reading. Not that long ago, I couldn't read him more than one board book without him crying to get down and do something else. Now, David will routinely read him 7 board books at one time, and a chapter in the Bible, and he doesn't budge. David got the idea to read him the Bible a few days ago. He thought it'd be nice for Seth to get used to hearing it, and for him to get used to reading it to him, really early on. I enjoy hearing him reading Matthew in the next room while I'm getting up in the morning.

Now, since you've read this long, I'm going to let you in on who David clerked for on the Supreme Court this year. It was.... Justice Clarence Thomas. I cannot adequately convey what a wonderful man he is. It would take too long. If you want to read more about this truly great American, I can recommend a couple of books that are mostly accurate. One is called "Judging Thomas" by Ken Foskett, and the other is called "Supreme Conflict" by Jan Greenburg. Of course, you can also pick up his autobiography that is coming out on Oct. 16 called "My Grandfather's Son."


Ann said...

Ellen, this might seem slightly weird to you, but I knew your husband & his family when they lived in Germany long ago! I was wondering about Diana & Bill and so I googled them. Didn't find their address but did find your fun blog, then your sister-in-law's. Also saw photos of Diana!

My oldest daughter used to babysit David & Danny! She saw them in the late 90s again, as she lived near the Bragdons in King George. (But I never did get to see them. Sad face.)

I, too, have a blog. And my email is Would you pass it along to Diana for me?

You have a beautiful son. And I'm so proud of David.


Sarah Shingler said...

No snide comments here Ms. Smarty Pants :) In fact when I reached that picture I got a sudden craving for your Mom's amazing minted iced tea and some carrot sticks!!!!
Not cool since I am stuck at the office.

Sarah Shingler said...

PS.. do you really think I make snide comments? :( (hurt)