Sunday, August 12, 2007

Refreshing weekend...

It's been such a refreshing weekend, in large part due to the man on the ladder with the hedge trimmer and his wonderful wife. This weekend, David decided that we were going to a marriage conference at the church we'd visited the weekend before. They still had slots open, and it was Friday night and Saturday morning. We've never been to a marriage retreat before, and he was excited about the idea. I love this man. It was with Shuanti Feldhahn, the lady who wrote "For Women Only," and it was great. She spoke, and they had breakout sessions on parenting and keeping your marriage fresh, etc. Anyway, I called Mom and Dad and asked if they'd babysit so Seth wouldn't have to get to bed too late on Friday night. So, they dropped everything and came running. Why didn't we move back to this state earlier again? =)

They got in on Friday afternoon, and we grilled out before we headed off to the marriage conference. Seth got put down in his own bed at his regular bedtime, and I could go with a completely relaxed heart, knowing he was at home with them. On Saturday, we left after I fed him breakfast, and we went out for lunch together at Chick-Fil-A to talk about what we learned before coming home.

We got home to a very pleasant scene. We pulled up to see Dad mowing our lawn in the back yard. Mom was sitting on the porch, cooing to a happy and completely spoiled baby. He knows he's got her wrapped around his baby finger. We were thinking about it, and this is what Mom and Dad did for us in the short time they were here this weekend:

1. Dad mowed our yard, trimmed hedges, and chopped down a dead bush we hadn't even noticed. =)

2. Mom babysat on Friday night and Saturday morning, giving Seth all the spoiling that only a grandma who loves your baby almost as much as you do can do.

3. Mom stitched up a rocking chair cushion that was torn.

4. They brought us a watermelon, cantaloupe, homemade chicken salad, fresh corn, and tomatos, all from their garden. We ate on them for lunch and dinner today.

5. Dad got some car hood springs at a junk yard for the porch swing, to give it extra bounce, and he put them up.

We had such a relaxing time, and it was all because of your servant hearts, Mom and Dad. Thank you for all these little acts of service that mean so much to us. They are balm to my unsettled self. It is so good to know that you are just a quick drive away. I'm loving being home again, because you are "home" to me.


Sarah Shingler said...

sounds wonderful :*)

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

How wonderful! You are blessed indeed.