Monday, August 06, 2007

Seth's first room...

Here it is! He's been alive 6 months, and he finally has his own room, complete with crib! The part I'm most pleased about is that I didn't buy anything to do up his room, and I think it turned out pretty well. Maybe I've just been collecting things that looked sorta babyish for many years now, really without realizing it. I had a pretty strong nesting instinct when I was pregnant with Seth, but it's definitely faded in all the moves. I want his room to be cute, but I'm not that upset that it isn't the exact vision that I had for it when I was pregnant with him. And I definitely don't want to do any painting when we move out. The rocker is a family one that my brother refinished for us as a wedding present, and it's been in our room for years. The red bookshelf was a hand-me-down from church friends, and I painted it red many years ago. You can see the changing table on the dresser we got free from Craig's List on the left hand side of the picture.
The picture above the red bookshelf is of a Norman Rockwell print called "Land of Enchantment," and it shows two little children reading, and the wonderful pictures that go through their heads as they do. Friends from DC gave that to us a few years ago.

Here's our cute new bed! David put it together today, and it looks great. I dug out the bedding that my mom-in-law had bought for a crib that she used to keep at her house. I think she was going for something unisex, but there's a whole lot of blue in it. With a blue crib sheet, it looks very boyish. So I just put it on, and really, it looks like something I would've chosen. I may put up the matching curtain eventually.

Ok, this was really fun. David and I debated back and forth on what to do with this. I got a set of vintage alphabet flash cards at a thrift store several months ago. I was going to put the whole alphabet on the wall, but David mentioned that Seth's name has no repeated letters in it. He talked me into putting just the name on the wall above the changing table. I added the blue ribbon to tie everything together. It's amazing how just hanging all your wall items with the same blue ribbon can make unrelated items look more like they go together.

Today has been a big, do-chores-at-home, day. I'm hoping we'll get most of our pictures up tonight.... And as a vocal cord update, David did not have his scheduled shot today. He prayed about it all weekend, and he felt like his voice is getting so much better that he should wait longer to see what God does. This is a leap of faith for us. He can get the shot later if his voice doesn't continue to improve, but it will mean that he'd have to take off work from his new job to get it done, since we're traveling so much later this month. We both feel like the Lord is doing something, and we want to be obedient to trust and wait longer.
Teething update... I think I have my happy boy back. He's still drooling up a storm, but he's napping normally again, and last night, he slept all the way through. I'm thinking the bad nights were a combination of growth spurt, teething, having to sleep in our room with us, and too much excitement with big cousins to play with. Thanks for the prayers and advice. I think I decided that tanking him up with Tylenol and attempting not to feed him too often at night seemed like our best option. =)


Kiddies in the Sun said...

Very cute, great job! Seth finally has his own room! Yeah!

Sarah Shingler said...

Adorable!!! Well done Anne :)

Ruth said...

YAY! The room looks terrific! So glad to hear about David's voice. We miss you guys.

Kelli B. said...

Love the room! I agree with David and the alphabet cards. VERY CUTE!! Praise God for the improvement in David's voice!!