Saturday, September 29, 2012

rainy saturday morning….


See? Don’t my first cinnamon rolls look pretty? =)

David and I talked last night about what we should try and do today. There are so many fun fall things going on in our area right now, and I feel a little guilty if I don’t at least consider doing some of them on weekends… even if I’m not excited about putting in the effort to get us out the door.

We woke up to rain this morning, and I inwardly cheered. Guilty mommy is now off the hook, and she can cheerfully give in to puttering around the house and cleaning up the clutter.

Speaking of mommy guilt, I’m feeling a lot of it lately because Ben exhausts me so much. He’s an adorable, smiley little rascal, but he’s very, very mobile. We’re talking “taking the toilet brush away from him 5 times a day” and pulling-him-off-the-stairs-constantly kinda mobile.

My absolute least favorite thing that he does at the moment is stand holding onto the loveseat and whine and cry while I attempt to read his brothers a book. Brother is about to earn himself some crib time for that one.

I have little energy or patience for tackling big tasks right now…. and I blame him and his lightning fast crawling. I’ve been here before, and I know it’ll get better, but this is a tough stage for me.

I MADE myself clean yesterday during naptime, and it was a big effort to force myself to get off the couch and start. But now that the house is dusted, and I killed the pile of crud that has been collecting by the front door for months, I feel much better. Before I felt a little powerless with apathy and frustration, and getting moving on the ol’ to-do list helped immensely.

I like the word “immensely.” It has such a lovely sound rolling off your tongue. I should use it more often.

I’ve got chili in the crockpot. I’m using yet another recipe. I feel like I’ve been hunting for the perfect chili recipe for a very long time. And I’m terribly picky. It can’t be too tomatoey, and it must have beef and onions, but it can’t have sausage or bacon because that’s a little more unhealthy than I’m going for, and anything with tomato paste is definitely out… If you have an easy recipe that tastes identical to my mom’s chili but without the work, just let me know. =) Hah!


Perry and Amanda said...

Ellen I have a recipe that our family loves that uses tomato soup and salsa. Don't know if that is too tomatoes or not. Let me know.

Chelsea said...

Baby gates and picking up everything off the floor. I hate that stage too!