Monday, September 24, 2012

night musings…


The sun was just right when I noticed my baby’s shadowy kicking in the park swing and snapped it…

Another Monday come and gone…

It was our last day “rowing” Lentil by Robert McCloskey. I’ll put up pics of that later, but the highlight of today for Seth was probably getting to whittle with a bar of Ivory soap and a plastic knife. He and Evan made a huge mess of soap shavings on the back porch before I realized just how good Seth was at whittling. It does smell awfully pure and clean out there, but I’m wondering how hazardous it’ll be the next time it rains. =)

I looked around my house and saw all kinds of housework that I could probably be doing. So I decided to make a list of things to accomplish for the week… and then I hauled out the ingredients for homemade cinnamon rolls instead of tackling any of it.

Frankly, I’m ridiculously proud of my first batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. I remember being a newlywed about 11 years ago, and one of the most intimidating things that I could think of to bake was cinnamon rolls. There was YEAST and DOUGH and ROLLING DOUGH UP! I shuddered at the thought.

I made Rice and Roni and added cut up cooked chicken to it at least once a week the first year we were married. I didn’t have a lot of dinner ideas, and I had very little in the way of cooking skills. David knows about cheerfulness in affliction from firsthand experience.

Anyway, I have learned to bake since then. I started with a breadmaker, and at this point, I can even make bread without one. It’s been time to tackle my Mt. Everest of cooking for awhile now.

They turned out great, y’all. I even took a picture. I pulled out all the stops and used the plain dental floss trick I’d been hearing about to cut the rolls out of the rolled up log.

Another one checked off the bucket list! I like conquering something new and intimidating. It makes me smile. =)

And as if that wasn’t enough, I pulled a couple of pairs of pre-Ben jeans off the shelf in the closet, blew off the dust, and tried them on tonight. I fully expected them to be too tight, just like every other pair of jeans I own, including a pair I bought after Ben that has gotten too snug this week.

Praise the Lord Almighty, they fit. I do not have to drag my children to JC Penney and threaten to dismember them if they don’t stop climbing the dressing room walls and hanging from the light fixtures. David does not have to get creative when looking up “justifiable juvenile homicide” for yet another day.

AND the sweet lady who took our family pictures apparently knows how to do miracles with her Photoshop retouching tool. I saw one of them posted to Facebook tonight. The sheer amount of scrapes, mosquito bites, scabbed over ears, and swollen eyes should’ve made her run screaming when she saw our family coming, but she stuck with us, and it looks like we have a decent family picture for the first time since Ben was born.

It’s a “3-boys-under-age-6-family” miracle. You do know that God has given us an especially tough and seasoned guardian angel, right?

Due to the glorious fall weather, I’ve declared tomorrow to be a field trip day. Just another reason for homeschooling…. I’ve found more and more friends around me in this journey, and we’re headed to the local life and science museum with a couple of them tomorrow.

Time for bed so I’ve got the energy for it all. Nighty night.

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