Tuesday, September 11, 2012

learning as we go…


This picture was taken on our first morning of homeschool, and it kinda sums up one of things that’s been on my heart in the last week and a half. We’re keeping a 3-ring binder to catalog what we’re learning and doing this year. I have named it the Kindergarten Wonder Book. =) I showed Seth on the first day how I’d printed off pictures of him and Evan and hole punched them to put in the book. He caught on pretty quickly.

He wanted to add something of his own to the book. So he created a picture of a pelican. (He’s been pretending to be a pelican lately, and he and his grandma got a book about pelicans from the library the week before school.) Well, he wanted me to spell out phrases for him. He created a page for his wonder book that is all about pelicans- what they do, what they eat, etc.

And in that moment, all kinds of thought and feelings collided for me.

I remember thinking, “Yes. THIS… THIS is what I was hoping for…even though I didn’t know what it would look like.” There is time and space to feed Seth’s excitement about learning.

I can encourage his initiative and stop to listen and include his personal interests into our school day.

This is my most treasured thing in the Wonder Book right now because it was all him, and I LOVE that…

DSC_0367-001 This is our science experiment on absorption and capillary action. As you can see, the middle cup has nothing in it at the beginning, but a day later, colored water had traveled through the rolled paper towels and combined to create green…. for an added color wheel bonus lesson. =)


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