Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday evening…

Hi, all. It’s a beautiful evening, and I’m sitting here listening to the sounds of a daddy/boys wrestling match upstairs and crickets out the porch door. The lawn is freshly and beautifully trimmed, and I made it to Friday, and everyone is alive and has been edu-ma-cated.

The reason the lawn looks so gorgeous and neat is because David didn’t trim it. He does a good job, but he doesn’t have the tools and time that the lawn guys do.

I had to call them because he cut two fingers last Saturday with the electric hedge trimmers. We made a trip to the ER, and he had 5 stitches. It’s healing well so far (though prayers are appreciated, and we’re thankful he didn’t hit any tendons), and I’m bracing myself for the bill… Oh well.

We’ve just finished our second week of homeschool. I’m starting to relax ever so slightly. We spent the week doing our first Five In A Row book, The Story of Ping. They know a lot more about China, ducks, rivers, discernment, buoyancy, and drawing water than they did before…  And since they asked lots of great questions, wanted to do more than I suggested of activities, and got pumped every time I pulled out the books, I’d say it was a success.

We ate orange chicken and potstickers tonight for dinner while listening to a Chinese internet radio station. It was Seth’s idea to try eating with chopsticks which Seth and Evan shared back and forth. =)

David spent Tuesday and Wednesday night gone for work. I am still trying to recover from this. A very mobile baby and a defiant 5-year-old with a hair trigger temper do not make for relaxing days at ye ol’ casa.

But I made it. Yes, I did. And I’m used to the good and the bad all being rolled together into one big ball of awesome, right? =)

The baby is now screaming because Daddy brought him downstairs out of the wrestling match, so I gotta run. Happy Friday….

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